Isfahan Cooling and Heating Industry Exhibition with 17 years of experience, is an outstanding example of the events that took place every year with the participation of leading companies and has always been a venue for presenting the capabilities and huge potential of the domestic construction industry companies.

The 18th International Exhibition of Isfahan's Cooling and Heating Equipment and Installations was held from 14 to 17 January. The efforts of its organizers and contributors have been to strengthen communications between different fields of this industry and introduce a place to meet the needs of domestic and even foreign consumers, relying on the strength and prosperity of domestic production.

The exhibition was held with the participation of 95 domestic companies from 8 provinces and one company from China in an area of ​​over 9000 square meters.

Exhibition includes various products such as air conditioners and panel radiators, polymer tubes and fittings, polyethylene tanks, valves, building fittings, panel sandwiches, industrial sealants, air conditioners, water purifiers and water pumps, Firefight equipment, manufacturers, etc.

Beside this event, specialized conferences and seminars containing scientific and specialized content were held with prestigious professors in the industry.