In order to increase the level of exhibition services and to provide the needs of organizations and industrial centers and factories, the company operates as a designer and manufacturer of prefabricated exhibition systems, interior decoration and design, office furniture with more than a decade of experience in Isfahan province.

The construction of a permanent hall and prefabricated rooms

The system of lightweight structures is designed for the implementation of temporary exhibition spaces and similar functions in open and closed spaces. These structures have been able to respond to many customer needs quickly and easily, with the creation of vastly covered spaces in a very short time. These modular structures can be implemented in various dimensions and forms. The diversity and beauty of the forms and the speed of design and execution, which is one of the main parameters required for the exhibition activities, has made the structure the best, fastest and most cost-effective structural system for exhibit booths.

Space frame system | Profile system (Rado frame) | Construction system as a special scheme