At a meeting that was held in attending by the Managing Director of IMAG (German Exhibition Company), Mr. Peter Bergleiter‌‌ and‌ Member of the Board and Administrator of the I.R.Iran International Exhibitions Company, Mr. Abbas Ghobadi; ‌two sides emphasized on the expansion and facilitation on the trade and exhibitions relations between ‌ two countries 

-According to the reporting by Public Relations & Int"l Affairs of the I.R.Iran International Exhibitions Company:

In this visit; Peter Bergliter referred to the long-term partnership and participation of IMAG at Iranian exhibitions including the International Exhibition of Mine, Mining, Construction Machinery & Related Industry & Equipment (Iran Conmin) and other exhibitions, pointed out that IMAG ‌ has also tried to maintain its good relationship with the Iranian side and improve it .

He also told the efforts which were done by his own company‌ to stop the disconnection of other German companies with Iranians and also said that IMAG is one of the members of the Munich Fair which is one of the 5 largest exhibitions in the world‌ and so, many Iranians participate in this exhibition every year on Agriculture, Electronics, Robotics and so on. Therefore, it is important to develop its relationships and maintain it for this company 

It is notable that‌

"According to the more than 18 years activities of IMAG company in Iran on different fields of trade-exhibition and prospective view of the I.R.Iran International Exhibitions Company we are keen on maintain, continue and develop the cooperation between the two sides and will do the best to improve the level of relations‌" Member of the Board and Administrator of the I.R.Iran International Exhibitions Company, Mr. Abbas Ghobadi said 

Mr. Ghobadi also stated that Iran is considered as a suitable target market for European countries due to this fact that, it is a large civilization and a vast country‌; ‌so based on the old and good relationship and background of IMAG, always we also try to support this company and we are ready to expand and maintain our relations without limitation .