According to report of Saya Nama-ye Parsian Exhibition Organizer Company, the 15th specialized exhibition of medical, dental, laboratory and chemical equipment of Isfahan (MEDIFAIR2022) was held from 17 to 20 February in the permanent location of Isfahan International Exhibition, Amir Kabir hall.

This event will host over hundred and twenty reputable participants from seven provinces of the country in more than ten sub-categories and commodity groups, including: medical & hospital equipment and supplies ,dental equipment, , rehabilitation, engineering of medical equipment, medical gases, optical products, etc., laboratory equipment (laboratory chemicals, equipment and devices, special cabinets for laboratories, laboratory glass), Corona prevention products (manufacturers of alcohol and disinfectants, manufacturers of masks , Gloves, guns, etc.) and emergency equipment, ambulance and rescue, etc.

The CEO of Isfahan Province Exhibitions Company said, today at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, is dedicated to defenders of the homeland and health staffs: "These loved ones make our country proud and secure, and we are proud of their existence."

The head of the Isfahan Dental Association also said at the ceremony that after the corona outbreak in the last two years, this is the first opportunity in Isfahan province to hold such an exhibition.

Mehrdad Barakatin emphasized: Exhibitions are always an opportunity to update dental knowledge and information. "Dentistry is a practical profession," he said. "Apart from the dentist's knowledge, its equipment and facilities must be up-to-date, and certainly in such an environment, different companies can present their products in a friendly competition, which provides an opportunity for our colleagues.

The head of Isfahan Medical System Organization, expressed his happiness, Kamran Montazeri continued: "This exhibition is the basis of this action to get acquainted with various medical issues and needs." We hope that the activists of this profession will visit this exhibition, many of the products in this exhibition are domestically manufactured,

The Counselor of the Kyrgyzstan Embassy in Iran and the First Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan to Iran visited the exhibition directly.