Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the event took place on Thursday, 28 October, at 11:00 AM in the entrance hall of Amir Kabir Hall with the presence of a group of officials and managers:

Officials present at the opening ceremony

  • Mr. Khorram, the Chairman of the Central Council of the Building Engineering Organization
  • Mr.Gholami, Deputy Governor for Civil Affairs
  • Mr. Ghazi Asgar, Deputy Governor of Isfahan for Economic Affairs
  • Mr. Noursalehi, honorable chairman of Isfahan City Council
  • Mr. Qari Quran, General Manager of Roads and Urban Development of the province
  • Mr. Toghyani, the honorable representative of the people of Isfahan and Varzaneh in the Islamic Consultative Assembly
  • Mr. Banakar, the esteemed head of Isfahan Construction Engineering Organization and accompanying delegation
  • Mr. Asgari, former head of Isfahan Building Engineering System Organization
  • Mr. Akhavan, Director General of Technical and Vocational Education of Isfahan Province
  • Mr. Yar Mohammadian, CEO of Isfahan International Exhibitions Company and related managers

Visiting authorities of the exhibition

  • Mr. Ghasemzadeh, the new mayor of Isfahan and the accompanying delegation
  • Mr. Dragan Todorovic ،, Honorable Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia
  • Mr. Sahlabadi, Honorable President of Iran Chamber of Industry, Mines and Commerce
  • Mr. Kamran Kalani, Director General of the Department of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare of Isfahan Province